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A diamond is

The shidduch process shouldn’t be.

Streamline the shidduch process with an extensive singles' database, task management and organizational tools and quick communication.

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vague suggestions, misinformation, hours of research

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ClickShadchan is a service that keeps to our community’s principles yet simplifies the shidduch process. We cut the time of research and communication in half because we’re powered by accurate detailed information provided by singles or their parents.

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How does it work?

Whether it’s you, your child, or a loved one in the need of a shidduch, join now for the ultimate shidduch experience using 3 simple steps.

Our tech is powered
by heart

ClickShadchan’s detailed resumes and quick communication enable the usual shidduch process to be done easier and faster. But it doesn’t stop there. Our shadchanim will guide you with heart throughout the whole process.

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Every shadchan on our team was carefully screened and signed a confidentiality contract upon joining. In addition, we have put the most advanced security systems in place, to ensure that your information remains completely confidential.

Our system is set up to alert us of suspicious behavior and was tested by professional penetrators—so that we can completely guarantee that your information will remain between us only.

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